Hybrid Tomatoes

  Small Fruit Description Time to Mature  
  Grape Cluster* Clusters of bright red, sweet, grape-shaped fruit (Indeterminate) 60 days  
  Supersweet 100* Large clusters of sweet cherry-sized fruits produced in abundance. Can be staked. High sugar level. (Indeterminate) 64 days  
  Sweet Canary Small, red, sweet, for salads    

Sun Gold

Small, Yellow, very sweet for eating and salads

  Medium Fruit Description Time to Mature  
  Early Girl* Smooth, meaty, and firm tomatoes; disease resistant 4-6 oz. fruits. (Indeterminate) 52 days  
  Better Boy* Full, semi-firm tomatoes; very tasty; perfect for slicing, disease resistant, 8-16 oz. fruits. (Indeterminate) 75 days  
  Rutgers Improved

All purpose variety; ideal for canning; ripens-evenly

Bright red fruits average about 7 oz.

75 days  
  Mountain Gold* 6-7oz. low acid; with few seeds; high vitamin C

72-85 Days


  Pear Shaped Description Time to Mature  



Meaty with few seeds, perfect for sauces, pastes and catsup. (Determinate)


75 days


  Large Fruit Description Time to Mature  
  Burpee Big Boy* Large, 1-pound or more, crack free fruits superb flavor, blemish-resistant skin. (Indeterminate) 78 days  
  Beefmaster* Extra-large smooth fruits feature meaty flesh, versatile favorite; 2 lbs. (Indeterminate) 80 days  
  Beefsteak* Firm, slicing tomatoes, will grow in adverse conditions. Large fruit. (Indeterminate) 80 days  



Medium, deep red fruit with exceptionally good flavor. very disease resistent (semi-determinate)


70 days


  Heirloom Description Time to Mature  
  Abe Lincoln Red, Delicious, slightly acidic and organic (indeterminate) 80 days  
  Amish Paste Paste tomato with outstanding flavor for sauces, and canning. 85 days  
  Brandywine 1lb fruit. Heirloom dating to 1885, large beefsteak shape. incredibly sweet flavor. (indeterminate) 85 days  
  Cherokee Medium-Large dusky rose fruits with full flavor 80 days  
  Mr. Stripey Red striped yellow, 2" round, rich tangy flavor. (Indeterminate) 80 days  
  Brandy Wine* 1 lb. fruit. Heirloom dating to 1885, large beefstake shape. Incredibly fine sweet flavor. (Indeterminate) 85 days  
  Pineapple very large 2# fruit, yellow with red marbling very swet with good yields. 75- 95 days  
  Persimmon Large gold/orange, fruit with seeds. 80 days  
  Old German Huge fruit, great for slicing . (Indeterminate) 75 days  
  * Available in 3 gallons or 1 gallon containers also.    





Bush shape – does not need pruning. 
These plants reach a certain height and stop growing.
Grows with or without support. 
Fruit ripens within a concentrated time period, usually 4-6 week period.

Climbing – should be staked.
Fruit continues to ripen throughout the season, but may have less mature fruit at any one time.

Water regularly and consistently, do not make a habit of letting your plants dry out totally and then soak them up, this will cause blossom end rot , which is very common. Blossom end rot is common when watering is irregular.

Plant tomatoes deep. The deeper you plant them the better root system they will have and the more fruit you will have. Use a wire cage of stake to keep your tomatoes from falling onto the ground or breaking off. Plant your tomatoes where they are protected from excessive heat or strong winds.

Check regularly for sideshoots in the leaf axles. Pinch these off when they are approx. ¾” long. Pinch out the top of the plant once it has grown four flower bunches. This will help the plant ripen its fruit instead of growing taller.

Water regularly and consistently. Do not make a habit of letting your plants dry out totally and then soak them up, this will cause blossom end rot, which is very common. Blossom end rot is common when watering is irregular. Also by watering regularly will help prevent split skins.

Disease and Pests
Tomatoes are very susceptible to diseases and pest. Keep a close eye on your plants and check regularly. Staking your tomatoes keeps them off the ground and decreases chance of soil born diseases and ground spot. Repeated doses of fungicide during rainy season is very helpful to prevent many diseases.   Your best bet is to plant newer disease resistant varieties, if you do not keep a close eye on your garden. Celebrity is one of the best disease resistant varieties. Try planting Nasturtiums, Poppies, and Marigolds by your tomatoes. These plants attract aphids and other pests away from your tomatoes.

Tomatoes may be harvested until temperatures fall. Tomatoes will continue to ripen even once they are off the vine. Before harvesting tomatoes ensure they have reached their mature size.