Hirzel Farms Compost

*Total Nitrogen: 13% *Total Phosphorus: 11%
*Total Potassium: 13% *Organic Matter: 27%
*PH: 7.9

*Vegetable Wastes, Leaves, Grass Clippings, Animal Manures, Sawdust and Straw

*Nursery Plantings: Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Rose Bushes, etc.
1 Part Compost to 3 Parts Soil

*New Lawns: Mix 100 lbs. of compost into 1-2 inches of every 100 sq. ft. of soil before seeding. After seed has been sown, keep well watered to stimulate growth.

*Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Work 100 lbs. of compost into 100 sq. ft. of soil before planting.

This product is sold as is. Hirzel Farms Compost makes no warranties, affirmations, promises or representations of performance of product. In no event, shall Hirzel Farms Compost be liable for loss of profits or any other incidental, consequential or special damages from any defects in the product.

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Pemberville, OH 43450

NEW WT. 40 lbs. (18.1 kg)

Packed April 2008


This is a composted media - not a blend - concentrate.

The high nutrient level of NPK and organic matter is attributed to the all-natural components of carbon and nitrogen derived from manure and vegetable waste - no soil has been blended with this product.

99% of the pathogens and weed seeds have been killed during the high temperature composting process.

This product can be blended with your soils to produce outstanding results.

The use of this all natural soil conditioning - compost, blended with your soil will revitalize your growing media and return it to its natural state without the use of chemical growth enhancers.

100% Compost - NO FILLERS