Yields in 90-110 days
Early red with oblong smooth tubers
Shallow eyes and white flesh
Firm & waxy
Good for: potato salad, roasting, or boiling
Fairly resistant to insects and disease
Low starch content (16-18%)

Yields in 110-140 days
Golden yellow that is smooth with shallow eyes
Good for: mashed, baked, used in soups & salads
Excellent for storage
High yields
Buttery flavor
Medium starch content (18-20%)

Yields in 140-150 days
Large, long, and cylindrical
Shallow eyes and white flesh
Good for: baking, frying, mashing, or thickening stew or soup
High starch content (20-22%)

Yields in 110-140 days
Large round, firm, & waxy
Dark red skin with medium to deep eyes
Good for: potato salad, roasting, boiling
Great for storage
Low starch content (16-18%)

Yields in 110-140 days
Smooth white with shallow eyes
Good for: mashed, baked, used in salads and soups
Stores well
Very blight resistant
Large mid-season yielders
Ideal size and shape
Medium starch content (18-20%)


Plant before last killing frost in 45 degree soil

Soil: should be slightly acid (4.8-5.4), rich, loose
Cut pieces at least 1 ½” square with at least 2 good eyes. After cutting let pieces harden overnight
Dip in Garden Sulfur, or plant small potatoes whole. 

Plant pieces:
Cut side down, Eyes up
4” deep and 12” apart in rows 2-3’ apart
Use a low nitrogen fertilizer around the edge of planting area, not direct contact with pieces.
10-12 pounds will plant 100 feet (Yields 1-2 bushels)

Hill up mulch and soil around stems when plants are 5-6” tall. Potatoes exposed to light will turn green and form a natural poison Side dress with low nitrogen fertilizer. Maintain constant moisture to prevent misshapen, knobby, split, or hollow tubers.

Pick new potatoes when tops flower. For full size, mature potatoes for winter storage, wait until the vines yellow and die. Dig with care to prevent punching holes or bruising
Store potatoes in dark at 70 degrees for 7-10 days to condition. After that, store between 35-40 degrees in high humidity.